Domiciliary Care (Home Care)


Domiciliary care is a service which provides care and support to Alderney residents in their own homes to enable them to live as independently as possible.

This professional service offers a wide range of assistance within the home. Examples of this assistance can include:

  • Light Housekeeping e.g. general cleaning and laundry
  • Assistance with preparation of food and/or eating and drinking
  • Transport aid e.g. taking people to medical appointments in Alderney or Guernsey
  • Assistance with personal care at home e.g. bathing, showering, dressing, toileting and continence management
  • Day to day shopping
  • Assisted bath at the Connaught with transport to/from the Connaught

It is charged at £17.76 per hour and hours are agreed by an assessment visit by the Connaught domiciliary care administrator.

Who can benefit from it? 

A number of Alderney residents are already benefiting from this service and are feeling at ease knowing that assistance is available.

Would it be suitable for me? 

Home care is suitable for those that would like to remain in their own home but consider that they may benefit from some assistance with daily tasks.

The service can be used on either a long term or short-term basis. For example, if your family normally assist you in your home but are going away, a home care could call in during their absence from the Island, giving both you and your family peace of mind.

Who are the domiciliary carers?

Home carers have been carefully chosen to ensure that all clients benefit from a professional service.

I am worried about who will be coming into my home.

All staff have been fully police checked and are vetted for their suitability to the job. Therefore, all clients can be reassured of the high level of service that they will receive.

Wherever possible, clients will have the reassurance of having the same carer assigned to them for each visit.

Clients are carefully matched with the most suitable carer(s) to ensure that individual preferences and needs are catered for.

Interested in finding out more?

In the first instance please contact Fieona, the domiciliary care administrator at the Connaught on 

- 07781 131 115 -

All enquiries are dealt with in a strictly confidential manner.

What happens next?

A member of the Connaught Care Team will visit you in your home or in hospital, at a time that suits you. Family members or friends are welcome to attend this visit if you wish them to be there.

What happens at the visit?

At the visit, the senior staff will discuss with you your individual circumstances. Together, you will complete a brief assessment and decide which areas of assistance would be most beneficial to you. 

Following a home visit, there will be no obligation to take up the service. The decision will be yours.

I am in hospital but will soon be going home - when can I start making arrangements?

If you are preparing to leave hospital after an illness, a visit can be arranged at the hospital to ensure that all arrangements are in place for your return home.

How many hours of domiciliary care will I be able to receive?

You decide how many hours of home care would most suit you and your budget.

How long does it take for a domiciliary carer to be allocated to me?

This can be arranged within a week. The Connaught will look at your details and decide which of the professional staff would be best matched to your needs.

How will I pay for the service?

The Connaught will send you a monthly invoice. However, if you think that you may have difficulty paying, staff at the States Office will be able to offer advice on any benefits that may be available to you.

If you would like to benefit from this service, do not delay - CALL on 07781 131 115 and speak to Fieona or email for a no obligation, confidential chat.

Download our leaflet below:

We are committed to providing a high quality service to all of our clients. We also promise to provide you with the opportunity to give feedback and be heard so we can use your experiences to continuously improve the services we deliver. If you have received excellent service from one of our staff or think that we could do something better, please use this form here.