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The impacts of Alderney's ageing population

It's no secret that Alderney attracts a large number of retirees who come to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle, but what does that really mean for the island as a whole?  What will the impact be as the proportion of older adults increases?

This report by Manager Liz Bowskill looks at the changing demographic and what will be needed in order to care for our ageing population.

Welcoming James Dent to the board of directors.

James was brought up in Ireland, which is where he went to school. He is a retired consultant economist who spent much of his life working on projects in the developing world. Many of these were in small island states, frequently in the Caribbean and Pacific.

He has retained his love for island life and has now lived in Alderney for fifteen years. For four of those last years he served as a States member and as Chairman of the Alderney Policy and Finance Committee. During 2020, the first year of the Covid crisis, he was Alderney's representative on the Bailiwick Civil Contingencies Authority.

He brings with him a wide range of skills centred on institutional and financing options and an understanding of the critical demographic issues now facing Alderney. 

On December the 1st, Rudolph and his fellow reindeer arrived at the Connaught for the first leg of their Christmas adventure. Naturally we introduced our new friends to President and Mrs. Tate, who were happy to extend a warm greeting to our North Pole pals.

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Her name is Olivia, she is originally from the South of France before she moved to Sheffield to complete a bachelor's degree in Psychology with an ambition to becoming a qualified health psychologist, she then graduated from the University of Bath with a Master's degree in Health Psychology.

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The Connaught, Le Mignot Memorial Hospital and the Island Medical Centre have all been on the Frontline this year. They provide a Fantastic Service and work long hours under extreme pressure to ensure the people of Alderney get First Class care.
These Reindeer are to say THANK YOU.
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Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...

Date: 1st October 2021Issued at 11.30 hrs
Connaught Extension - Final Phase underway
We are pleased to announce that the final delivery phase of the Connaught Extension is now underway. Following revision of the budget due to Covid and Brexit all States of Alderney's Committees, as well as Policy and Resources Committee in Guernsey, have approved...

Know someone who would like to hear news from the Connaught? Recommend our NEWSLETTER to people who could be interested!