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Date: 1st October 2021Issued at 11.30 hrs
Connaught Extension - Final Phase underway
We are pleased to announce that the final delivery phase of the Connaught Extension is now underway. Following revision of the budget due to Covid and Brexit all States of Alderney's Committees, as well as Policy and Resources Committee in Guernsey, have approved...

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States of Alderney to be asked for extra cash to complete the build of the Connaught extension
A dramatic rise in the cost of building materials has forced Alderney's General Services Committee (GSC) to ask for extra money to complete the vital Connaught Care Home extension.
Work on Phase 3 of the project, originally tendered at £1.29m, was...

Connaught Care Home extension
Joint statement by Kevin Gentle, lead States of Alderney Member for the £1.9m Connaught Care Home extension project, and Boyd Kelly, Chairman of the General Services Committee:
"Scarcity and the spiralling cost of building materials have brought a temporary halt to the Connaught Care Home extension build. Groundwork and...

Despite Alderney Week 2021 was cancelled, The Connaught's residents still enjoyed their NOT Cavalcade day on Monday 2nd August 2021.

TODAY we would like to say a THANK YOU to Patreice, resident of the Connaught (Jubilee), for fantastic afternoon treat!