Respite Residential Care

Maximum 28 days (per year) from the day of certification paid fully by social security if the care and support criteria are met. Can be taken in units of days or a whole month with prior arrangement with the care home, this is available in both the Jubilee and Connaught dependant on the level of personal care requirements.

Respite is aimed primarily at individuals that are already cared for within their own home by a full-time carer. Respite is a short term care package that enables the individual to be looked after in the absence of their carer or enables the individual to recover sufficiently to move back to their home after a period of ill health or social/personal crisis. 

Private Respite and Residential Care

There are a number of short term and long term options for a stay at the Connaught and Jubilee if individuals do not meet the criteria for Respite or Long Term Care or haven't been a resident of the Bailiwick for 5 years. The current cost for private care or respite care packages in the Connaught and Jubilee are,

  • Private Residential Care or Respite Residential Care at the Jubilee Sheltered Living Service includes 24hr support with any personal care needs, Laundry, Weekly Room Cleaning, Midday Meal, all bills (heating, TV license, Ambulance Subscription etc.) is £715.37 per week.

N.B If supper or breakfast is required a further £4.20 for each meal will be billed to you monthly, or if you require an extra lunch for family or friends an extra £7.50 will be charged per midday meal. (Excluding Christmas lunch which cost is determinable during December)

  • Private Residential Care or Respite Residential Care at the Connaught or Jubilee - includes all the above services with addition of - Daily Room Cleaning, three Meals and Snacks, Entertainment with a co-payment of £750.37 per week.

Fees are reviewed annually in line with Guernsey Social Services guidelines Residential respite day and overnight stay at the Connaught is £115 (includes 3 meals and snacks/tea/coffee and options to have an assisted bath, all personal care and including entertainment).

Residential day rate at the Connaught (morning to evening) is £68.00 which includes a midday meal and options to have an assisted bath, including entertainment (examples being crafts, music, chair yoga) or a half day for £34.00.

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