A Date with The Connaught Calendar Girls


A SPECIAL 'stocking filler' is all set to reach the shops of Alderney in time for Christmas - from the "Calendar Girls" at The Connaught.

Several of them can barely see and most are suffering from age-related problems, but they have produced their own calendar. 

Twelve members of the Art and Craft Group at the care home, the youngest 80 and the oldest 107 year old, have contributed paintings depicting each month of the year.

Activities co-ordinator Annie Savage said: "What they have done is absolutely astonishing. At least three have macular degeneration; some have never drawn or painted before, other are artists in their own right, but what they have achieved is unbelievable."

All of them went out on location to select the scenes they wanted to illustrate. Some decided on paintings of their homes and others of their favourite scenes or places on the island. 

Volunteer artist Paula Bowskill, who supervised the project, said: "What they have achieved in amazing. They showed that the hidden talent was there and are so enthusiastic that it was so easy to bring out."

The Connaught 'Calendar Girls' are Brenda Grundy, Colleen Davy, Pauline Gladwell, Felicity Crump, Christine Johns, Josie Cornish, Pat Arlott, Elizabeth Willett, Jacqueline Langridge, Beryl Le Poullain and Angela Morris - joined by the only man in the Art and Craft Group, Barry McLernon.

A description inside the Calendar explains: "This is not simply a series of pages chronicling the days, weeks and months of a year. It is the work of a remarkable group of the Connaught residents, who have shown that, although age can lead to  divides that deepen with infirmity, inspiration and creativity breaks down barriers and conquers all."

**Calendars should be available within the next two weeks, but you can pre-order on The Connaught website at: www.connaughtcare.org**

Original article from Alderney Journal - Issue 1208