Alderney Journal - Exciting Year for The Connaught Care Home

Photo Credit: David Nash
Photo Credit: David Nash

WORK is nearing completion on the first phase of a major project for a building which holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Alderney

A loft conversion to accommodate offices and a training space at the Connaught should be finished by the end of this month, well ahead of schedule. 

But that will pave the way for an extension which will transform the Island's haven for it's old folk with 13 new and larger en-suite rooms, each with a wet room and also a large communal area.

Manager of operations, Liz Bowskill, said: "This year will be a really big one for us and yet another challenge but we are all looking forward to it." A nurse and former NHS Commissioner on the mainland, she took over the Connaught almost 5 years ago and has overseen a success story: "We wanted to make it the best care home in Bailiwick and we have succeeded," she said.

The Connaught now employs 68 full or part time and bank staff, all trained or being trained in care of the older adults and dementia care. 

Lisa Oates is in charge of training while activity co-ordinator Annie Savage makes sure there is not a dull moment for the residents of what is a comfortable and cosy micro-community of its own.

At present, The Connaught has 25 rooms and another 14 in the adjoining Jubilee apartment block which have small kitchens for more active older adults to cook for themselves if they wish. 

As well as looking after the older adults, the Connaught is also hoping to reach our to the younger element, "We want to develop apprenticeships and provide lots of opportunities for the younger people on the island as well," said Ms Bowskill. 

As well as residential care, the Connaught offers Meals On Wheels, care in the community, lifeline services for emergency use, home care, day care for people who want to have a meal and join in activities... the list goes on.

Residents pay £209 per a week, which includes all meals and facilities. Other care homes in Bailiwick have top up payments which can put the price up to £400 and beyond. 

Liz Bowskill's ultimate aim is to turn the Connaught into a registered residential and nursing home so that residents would not have to go into hospital as their care needs increase. 

The Connaught has a special place in Alderney life: "The support we get from the Island and from the families of our residents is incredible," said Liz.

She has made the care home what it is today but she is quick to point out: "I do have an extremely dedicated team behind me. We are a community within a community and no-one is more important than anyone else. Everyone has a part to play."

"President Kennedy, I Think it was, once visited N.A.S.A. He saw a nab sweeping the floor: 'What do you do?' he asked and the man said: 'help put a man on the moon!' That is what it is all about"

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