Colleen Davy is walking for charity


Once again Colleen Davy is walking for charity. She wants to support the 1st Alderney Scouts raise money for the New Scout Hut

Please support her by sponsoring her. There are sponsors forms at The Coronation, The Marais Hall, St Anne Church, The Campania, The Connaught, The Gold Club, Blanchard and we are asking other places .... watch this space. 

Thank you 

So... Just because we, at The Connaught, are unable to go out due to safety of all residents and staff during Covid-19 breakout in Alderney, Colleen Davy is still raising money for The Alderney Scout's Hut .

She is using the treadmill and walking around the building to walk her "Mile" a day.

Nothing stops Colleen in her quest to raise money for this good cause!

Please keep sponsoring her. Thank you