Covid-19 Update 25th July 2021


Current cases as of Sunday 25th July 2021

  • We have 62 (known) active cases of COVID-19 in the Bailiwick as 4 new cases have been found and 6 people have recovered.
  • 29 cases are from Alderney (28 from the current outbreak and 1 from travel).
  • 32 cases are from Guernsey, 29 of which are travel associated or contacts of positive cases and 3 are symptomatic community cases.
  • 1 case is in Sark and is from travel.

Since the end of the second wave there have been 108 cases. Of these cases, 38 were unvaccinated, 23 were partially vaccinated and 47 were fully vaccinated.

Advice from Public Health and the Community Care Joint Working Group (CCJWG)

  • We will now be allowing visitors into the Connaught and Jubilee by appointment only from Thursday 29th July. They will be asked to wear a mask, hand sanitise and be escorted through the building and brought to your room. We continue to ask visitors not to visit if they have any symptoms.
  • We will also allow residents out of the Connaught on this date however we advise that you take a mask with you and wear them in enclosed spaces e.g. shops, in a vehicle or visiting friend/family in their own home.
  • We will be recommencing day service from Thursday 29th July.

The Civil Contingency Authority (CCA)

  • The CCA made up of Public Health, Politicians and civil servants announced on Friday that there will be a requirement for testing prior to travel for all incomers and returners to Alderney from Thursday 29th July reducing the risk of visitors carrying COVID.

Alderney Week

  • Alderney Week has been cancelled due to the risk of COVID.
  • We will continue with our own celebrations within the Connaught on Cavalcade Day.

Thank you all goes residents, staff, families and friends for being considerate of these current restrictions. We completely appreciate how difficult this last 10 days have been for you all and not being able to go out or have friends and family visit you. We will do our very best to keep all activities going and keep you occupied during this difficult time.

We will, of course, keep everyone informed as the situation progresses.

Keep your distance and wash your hands