Fish Tank at the Connaught


FINALLY - We have managed to get 4 gold fish from Guernsey. Please meet our 4 new residents at the Connaught.

We are trying to choose the perfect names for our fish. What names would you choose? 

Providing mental stimulation is an important element of older adults care plans because it helps to keep their minds active, preserves their memory and cognitive processing skills, and boosts their emotional health and well-being. While there are many ways that you can keep older adults' minds active and engaged, giving them a pet is a particularly wonderful option. 

Studies have shown that interacting with animals is incredibly beneficial to seniors, offering tangible mental, emotional, and physiological effects including easing depression and anxiety, relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, and improving outlook on life. Taking care of a pet also requires to use memory skills, critical thinking skills, and cognitive processing skills, while giving them a valuable sense of responsibility, importance, and accomplishment.

While many people immediately think of animals such as dogs and cats when it comes to pets, these animals are not appropriate for all older adults. Not all living spaces allow these animals, the care required for them may be too strenuous for older adults, or they may just not like these types of pets. Whatever the situation, not having a cat or dog does not mean that seniors miss out on the benefits of having a pet. Any type of animal interaction that older adults enjoy can be beneficial and there are some pets that offer not just the ability to care for them, but soothing ambiance as well.

Setting up an aquarium for older adults is a great way to give them something they can take responsibility for within their elderly care journey, but also adds visual appeal and a soothing effect to the home. Watching the fish swim is known to help people relax and feel calmer, and can create a more tranquil environment.