Infection Control report 2019


Date: 05/09/2019

Name of Home: The Connaught Care Home.

Score achieved out of a possible 100% = 100%

Audits which score less than 90% will be classed as a fail

Date of previous audit: 19/04/2018

Audit score: 100%

Infection Control Audit

Method of weighting and scoring

  • For each section, answer each question with Yes, No, Not Applicable
  • Count up the number of yes answers and the number of no answers add the two together then divide the combined total into the number of yes answers and multiply x 100 this should give you a percentage.
  • The table below provides a list of the areas / practices audited and a score for each, the overall score is also included.

Also included in the audit reports are:

  • Areas of infection prevention and control which are non-compliant
  • Recommendations which if applied will meet infection prevention and control standards in the future.
  • Action plan for areas of non-compliance for homes, to use as a framework to achieve compliance in the future.
  • The IPACT recognise some areas of non-compliance will only be rectified over time, especially those relating to improvements which require installation of equipment or changes in the layout of the home. However, partial compliance can be given if the IPACT are satisfied that work towards meeting the standard is taking place.
  • The IPACT are happy to advise on any issues relating to infection prevention and control in the built environment.

Feed Back

The Infection Prevention Control Team visited the Connaught care home to complete their annual audit; we would like to thank Liz Bowskill and the rest of the staff for their hospitality during our visit.

A complete audit of the care home was undertaken with the support of the head of housekeeping Andy; I am pleased to inform you that your audit score is 100%, which reflects the hard work and dedication that all the staff showed upon our visit. The only negative mark given was due to one of the air vents in the communal bathrooms being visibly dusty and upon observing was cleaned straight away.

Both Kay and I were impressed to see the new laundry and also the new flooring that had been laid down on the lower ground floor, and as discussed with Andy with regard to small alginate bags we will send these out for you in the post.

If you have any queries regarding the audit please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of the Infection prevention and control team.

Kind Regards

Infection Prevention & Control Team

Kay Bull & Rachel Thompson-White 

Action plan highlighting areas of non-compliance following annual infection prevention and control audit 



Resident's rooms should be maintained to reduce the risk of infection  


Cleaner's room and equipment should be maintained to reduce the risk of cross infection  


Sanitary facilities should be maintained to reduce the risk of cross infection 


Waste should be disposed of safely without risk of contamination or injury and within current guidelines 


Laundry should be handled, bagged and stored correctly to reduce the risk of infection and cross contamination 


Clinical rooms should be maintained to reduce the risk of cross infection 


Equipment should be cleaned and maintained to reduce the risk of infection

Standard Principles of Infection Prevention and Control

Standard principles of infection prevention and control should be followed at all times to reduce the risk of cross infection 


Specimens should be collected, stored and transported safely and correctly 


Guidelines, standards and policies should be in place to ensure the health and safety of staff and residents 


Guidelines and standards should be in place to reduce the risk of cross infection