Information - Visitors from UK from 1st July 2021


2nd July 2021

Visitors from the UK

As of yesterday, people arriving from the 'Common Travel Area' that have received two vaccinations (with the last one not less than two weeks ago) are free to travel to Alderney - and not have to isolate or have a COVID test on arrival. There remains a risk that these visitors could be carriers of the virus and transmit it to others.

The vaccination programme in Alderney has been extremely successful, however vaccinated people can still get the virus and become unwell, although there is far less risk of serious illness or death.

If you are coming directly from UK you can request a Test prior to your arrival to Alderney, if they wish to gain reassurance that they are not carrying the virus. We strongly recommend that you consider this - for your own peace of mind, and the safety of your loved one(s).

We continue to recommend that everyone maintain thorough hand hygiene, are conscious of your personal space - especially indoors, and do not visit loved ones if you have any symptoms.

What that means for Residents and Clients in the community.

Community Client- If you have a Visitor from the 'Common Travel Area' who has been double vaccinated visiting your home, or living with you, can you ensure you inform your Domiciliary Care worker as soon as possible about their arrival? The Domiciliary Care worker will wear full PPE (mask, gloves, and apron), during any of their scheduled appointments - throughout the duration of their visit.

Residents of the Connaught and Jubilee wing- If you have a relative or Visitor from the 'Common Travel Area' that has been double vaccinated who wishes to visit you in the home, we ask they phone 07781 105 054 to arrange an appointment in your room.

If you wish to go out with your Visitor(s) we ask that they contact us on the above number, and we will arrange for you to be at the entrance of the building at a specific time. We ask you to try to minimise contact, and be conscious of regular hand hygiene whilst out of the building. We would recommend short drives with the windows open. Ideally meet outside on a sunny day, and avoid prolonged contact in enclosed spaces.

If you would feel more comfortable taking gloves or a mask, we would be happy to provide them to you and your Visitor(s).

What this means for Staff.

  • Please prepare the Resident and ensure that they are available in their room for the prearranged appointment.
  • When a Visitor arrives they will be asked to stay outside the door of The Connaught (or the Jubilee entrance), and wait to be greeted.
  • The Visitor will be required to hand sanitise, to sign in, and to wear a mask (that we can provide).
  • You will be required to wear a mask, apron, and gloves - and escort them to the room that they are visiting - making sure that no other Residents/Visitors/Staff get within their vicinity.
  • If the Visitor wishes to take their loved one out, a prearranged appointment will be required. You will escort the Resident to an agreed meeting point (bench outside Jubilee or bench outside gate), for their collection. If the Resident has capacity, they can be left to wait by themselves. If the Resident has confusion or cognitive impairment, we recommend that the Staff wait with them wearing a mask and gloves - until the Visitor arrives.

Staff planning to travel to or through the UK - can you arrange an appointment with the HR, Training, and Development Lead to complete a 'Mission Statement', and get guidance on testing on your return.


Please do not hesitate in contacting me, or a senior member of staff if you require any further information or clarification on this matter.

Kind Regards

Liz Bowskil

Manager of Operations