Jumble Sale Thank you's


We would like to thank you all for your kind donations towards our raffle, held at the jumble sale on 12th June 2021. 

Thanks to your generosity we were able to raise £1,515.47 on the day - before expenditure and we have a further £500 which was benevolently donated to us. 

The support we receive from the community is absolutely overwhelming every year, and so to show our appreciation to the local businesses that have supported us, we will be unveiling a surprise on Cavalcade Day (2nd August 2021).

ONCE AGAIN - Thank you everyone! 

We would like to thank you: 

  • The Campania
  • Aurigny
  • The Georgian House
  • Cantina 6
  • Cycle and Surf
  • Anchors
  • Jean's and Farm Shop
  • Le Pesked
  • Micheal Heath Tattoo
  • GloEnvy
  • Bacchus
  • Bodycare
  • Wildlifetrust 
  • Barefoot Seaglass
  • Nellie Gray's
  • Alderney Electricity
  • Marais Hall
  • Mai Thai Restaurant
  • Richards
  • Boardman's Pharmacy
  • London House
  • The Alderney Book Shop
  • Mano & Louise
  • Braye Chippy
  • Sew Much Fun
  • M. J. Cosheril
  • La Ville Hotel
  • Lloyd's Bank
  • Old Barn
  • Blanchard
  • Jack's Brasseries
  • McAllister's Fish Shop
  • Blonde Hedgehog
  • Flower Shop

And everyone else who made our Jumble Sale so successful! We truly appreciate the community spirit.