Lockdown - Stage 3



From 00.01 a.m. Tuesday 9th March, we have gone into Stage 3, and are exiting the lockdown ahead of Guernsey. As of 8th March, Guernsey's known active cases has reduced to just four people. Travel restrictions remain in place, and other than Essential/Critical Workers, Medical Appointments, and for compassionate circumstances, all other people traveling into Alderney have to self-isolate for 14 days.

This means:

  • It is no longer necessary to wear masks or face coverings - however, it is highly recommended in enclosed public spaces.
  • It is no longer necessary to social distance - however, it is highly recommended that you practice 'good social hygiene', and keep as much distance from others as possible.
  • Robust and regular hand sanitising continues to be recommended. If you would like to have a small attachable hand sanitiser to carry with you please just ask a member of staff.


  • Visitors will need to continue to book an appointment so we can ensure that they don't all turn up all at once.
  • They will need to take their temperature and hand sanitise on entrance to the care home.
  • They will be required to wear a mask whilst walking through the building, and can remove them once inside their loved ones room.
  • Visitors taking residents out are asked to book an appointment - so we can 'track and trace' them should we get a case.
  • Residents can have more than one named visitor.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with what has been a very difficult time for you all. We will, of course, keep everyone informed as the situation progresses.

Please keep keeping your distance as much as you can - and wash your hands.


 Liz Bowskill - Manager of Operations

Please see Media Release - Stage 3 on States of Alderney Website! Just click the link below: