Tovertafel - the magic table


The story of Hester Le Riche, the Tovertafel's creator

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We are the first place in Channel Islands to introduce the Dutch invention called a Tovertafel, which translates as Magic Table. 


We believe that everyone has the right to play. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy this right. Therefore, we want to make playing more accessible for people with a cognitive challenge: from children with autism to older people with dementia. The Tovertafel can justly be called a care innovation: we work in close collaboration with care professionals and universities from around the globe. 


What makes older people on the dementia journey move? How do you stimulate people with a learning difficulty to play together? Research plays a central role at Active Cues. Not only is the Tovertafel the result of PhD research by Hester Le Riche, but all products derive from an extensive design process, a process that involves the target group and the people around them.