My experience as a Domiciliary Carer


By Marge Bohan

Marge Bohan - Domiciliary Carer
Marge Bohan - Domiciliary Carer

Working for the Connaught during lockdown (Covid-19) has been very rewarding. Working within the community with a range of clients is not only a privilege but also very fulfilling.

Having a person-centred care approach makes sure that all individual's client's needs are met and treating them all with dignity, compassion and respect. Having a close working relationship with individuals it makes sure their rights are promoted and upheld to ensure the best possible care and values are provided that builds up a trust that makes sure that their wellbeing and happiness is always a priority.

Partnership working has been an effective way of communication between practitioners and all different service departments, by having this communication it has made it all worthwhile. 

Lockdown was a very stressful time for our clients so it was so very important that communication remained an invaluable part of informing individuals. Having Alderney's local radio station Quay FM has kept the clients informed with what is going on, on a daily basis, and being able to have their Sunday morning church service broadcast has been greatly received. Meals on Wheels and friends, and their lifelines are all invaluable services.

In lockdown all these services have given reassurance to not only out client's but also to their families to know that they were not alone and had the care and support on hand at all times. You get to know you're clients and they get to know you, the confidentiality, trust and respect that you have for each other is second to none. The smile on their faces and the feeling of not being alone is very important to not only the clients but to the staff.

Lockdown has also been a very stressful time for staff but we all have a job to do, and that means putting our fears and worries aside when working and making everything a happy, safe, secure environment in our days' work. The Connaught's invaluable home care service provides something that the island and its people cannot do without. Client's want to be in their own homes for as long as they can with the support, dignity and respect they deserve. The staff who work for the Connaught are amazing.

One of my privileges was assisting a 106 year old lady cooking, throughout we laughed chatted and I learnt a lot of fantastic cooking tips which was certainly a learning curve for me. 

In my role as a domiciliary carer, I always have the motto of treating people with how you would like to be treated yourself.

As Captain Sir Tom Moore said. "Tomorrow will be a good day, as long as we all keep doing what we are doing, tomorrow will be a good day."