Nothing's stopped Colleen walking for the scout hut project


When you are on a mission, you don't let little things - or a whopping one like Covid - get in the way. 

The Connaught care home resident Colleen Davy (81) is determined to raise as much money as she can for the local Scouts' efforts to fund the replacement of their meeting hut at Saye, which was damaged in storms earlier in the year.

So she decided she would walk a mile every day through the month of July to bring in sponsorship. But the restrictions on access at the Connaught brought in because of the Covid outbreak on the island meant that she could no longer tread the lanes and tracks around the island, so she turned to walking around the Connaught grounds and even striding out on a treadmill. 

She admits to having got "carried away" in her enthusiasm when she was walking outside the home and sometimes walked twice as far as she planned. 

"I've done it because I think we have such a wonderful generation of young people growing up on the island at the moment," she said. "They are polite and helpful all the time. The number of times I've left my stick in a shop only to have them run after me to return in, they really are a lovely bunch of kids."

"Everything they need, they work for without complaining. They and their parents organise jumble sales and events that they help at to raise money, and they are always very grateful for anything they receive."

She added "Every penny made is going to be so valuable to them, it's essential that they have a base for Scouts. After the war we had the Sunbeams, which was started by the Salvation Army, and I remember what a great time we had how much we all loved it."

Annie Savage, the activities Co-ordinator at the Connaught, said: "Colleen is just such an inspiration to us all. Even when the Connaught went into lockdown she continued her challenge on the treadmill, a reminder to us all that we have to carry on even when times are hard. She is very quiet and humble about her fundraising, and is not one to blow her own trumpet, but what she has done is just an amazing achievement, and we are all so proud of her."

Julie Benney, who is a carer at the Connaught said: "I know that my husband Kerry, the Scout Leader, is so proud of her effort and dedication to help and support the 1st Alderney Scout group. It's incredible the way that she continued with her fundraising using the treadmill whole the Connaught was in lockdown. The children are all so grateful for all of her efforts."

Colleen does not yet know how much her month's challenge will have raised. There are sponsors forms at the Coronation, Marais Hall, St Anne's Church, Campania, The Connaught, Golf Club and Blanchards.

Original Article from Alderney Press - Issue 344