Optelec Magnifiers


Did you know The Connaught has few of these AMAZING Magnifiers thanks to fantastic volunteer/friend Eileen Mignot

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Select your preferred reading voice, sit back, relax, and listen to documents as they are read aloud. Combining a clear voice alongside magnification and high contrast makes reading so much easier.

C-ing without limitations
Optelec developed the ClearView-C to eliminate all of the difficulties experienced when using desktop video magnifiers. After extensive consumer research, the ClearView-C was designed with the unqiue C-shaped arm placed on the left side, providing more space for documents and greater freedom of movement beneath the camera.

Read long documents with Text-to-Speech
The ClearView-C Speech instantly converts any printed document into speech. Simply place a magazine or letter beneath the camera, swipe the screen to activate the speech feature and enjoy listening in a natural sounding voice of your choice. With the ClearView-C Speech, you can comfortably access information instantly - even lengthy documents.

Point directly at columns or words with Point & Read
Quickly scroll through enlarged documents, by swiping your finger on the touchscreen. Then tap a paragraph, column or word to activate the speech function and enjoy listening to printed letters, books and lengthy magazine articles in an instant. It is that easy.

See the whole page and navigate quickly
The ClearView C Speech displays full pages and automatically identifies the document layout. Touch the screen to switch between Full Page Overview and quickly navigate to sections that you wish to read from, without losing track of where you are.

Store your documents and view your favourite photos
Benefit from the convenience of archiving letters and books, or viewing digital photos using an SD memory card or USB pen drive - access them at your convenience.

Choose for comfort and design
The ClearView C is designed to make reading more comfortable and to match the interior of your home. It looks modern and stylish so it perfectly fits your living room.


Key benefits - audio text-to-speech:

  • Choose from 36 reading languages, and 74 voices/accents
  • Capture an entire A4 page and enjoy Full Page Overview
  • View and listen to lengthy documents with fast and accurate Text-to-Speech
  • Point & Read: intuitive touchscreen interface - touch a column, paragraph or word on-screen to read instantly
  • Navigate quickly with automatic text zone recognition
  • Swipe your finger to scroll through magnified text and photographs
  • Archive documents and images, and view at your convenience
  • Picture Viewer: zoom and slideshow options to view favourite photographs in full colour
  • Adjust the settings easily using the large icon/font menu
  • Control the reading speed and volume by touching the screen
  • Listen through the on-board speakers or connect a set of headphones (not included)

Key benefits - magnification:

  • Continuous zoom: 1.5x - 75x (optional: up to 170x)
  • 24-inch full colour TFT widescreen (height adjustable)
  • Superior High Definition: 1080p video processing for ultra sharp and vivid images
  • Unique C-shaped design for more comfortable reading and writing
  • Full colour (standard definition) display for viewing photographs and magazines
  • Integrated lighting for even illumination of reading materials - including glossy magazines and photographs
  • User-friendly control panel: position to reveal simple or more advanced buttons

Reading table:

  • Comfortable, easy-glide, designed for reading larger documents including broadsheet newspapers continuously
  • Moves in X and/or Y Direction with adjustable friction and lock
  • Optional compact-size table available upon request

Customize the way you VIEW with the ClearView C:

  • Adjustable brightness and contrast
  • High contrast semi-colours for improved reading fluency, including yellow text on a black background - select up to 4 combinations from a possible choice of 16
  • Position locator and overview function - never lose your place on the page
  • Focus lock for practical activities and craftwork
  • Add lines or mask out areas top/bottom or left/right of the screen for easier reading

! Residents are enjoying the BINGO !