Raizer Chair - Our new piece of equipment


The Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair is the new and improved solution to lifting someone who has fallen. 

Faster, stronger, and more stable than traditional inflatable lifting cushions, the Raizer is an ideal solution for transferring someone who has fallen to a sitting or standing position.

How does it work?

The Raizer is made up of seven large parts: four legs, two backrest pieces, and the seat, which holds the motor mechanism.

When responding to lift older adults or disabled people after a fall, simply slide the seat under the fallen person's knees, click the backrest pieces and legs in place (there will be a beep when each is correctly inserted) and use the remote control to gently raise the chair. The person will be raised with the chair until both themselves and the Raizer are in an upright seated position. Both the movement and seated position are stable, controlled and dignified - perfect for shared spaces, such as care homes or public places.

First training with new Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair:

Thank you to Liz Bowskill (Manager), Lisa Oates (Trainer) and Carol Winder (Senior Carer) for showing us this fantastic piece of equipment