Rudolph and friends arrive at the Connaught


On December the 1st, Rudolph and his fellow reindeer arrived at the Connaught for the first leg of their Christmas adventure. Naturally we introduced our new friends to President and Mrs. Tate, who were happy to extend a warm greeting to our North Pole pals. 

There is a donations pot next to the reindeer, with all funds raised being split between the Connaught, the Island Medical Centre, and the Mignot Memorial Hospital.

Anyone still wishing to sponsor a reindeer should please contact our man Alan at for details.

If you would like to bid to win a reindeer, please drop an envelope (with your bid written on it BUT NOT CONTAINING ANY MONEY) in to the Connaught, or again, contact Alan at the above email address.

Stage two of the journey will begin on the 8th, so stay tuned for more festive reindeer frolics!