Press Release


All Change at the Connaught 

From 1st January 2017 the operation of the Connaught and Jubilee Care Homes will be governed by a new five year contract between the States of Alderney and The Royal Connaught Care Homes Ltd, an Alderney registered company, which is also a Guernsey registered Charity. 

The operating company is a "Not for Profit" organisation under the direction of its own Board of Non-Executive Directors headed up by Colin Williams(Chairman), Julie Maxwell, Barbara Benfield and Chris Ireland and Liz Bowskill (Care Home Manager). 

The new Contract enables the continued care of the elderly and will eventually merge ancillary services such as home-care to provide an expanding, and hopefully, an improving service to the Community on behalf of the States of Alderney.

Day to day operation of the facilities is under the control of the manager, Liz Bowskill and her staff, and she will remain the initial contact for residents, relatives and staff. 

The purpose of the Contract is to utilise a mix of voluntary services and States responsibilities to achieve an on-going provision of care services that meet the demographic demands of the Community.