Appeal from Alderney Age Concern


Appeal from ALDERNEY AGE CONCERN to all parents of young children on the island

As time goes on with the lockdown, Age Concern are resurrecting our letter writing appeal. 

We are asking All children to take part. 

To those of you who took part last year, please contact your pen pal direct if you still have their contact details. Those who are taking part this time around either write a short letter or draw/colour a picture. 

When it's done ask your Mums and Dads to send it to me or put it under the door at the charity shop or scan to and I will post them all out, we need at least 100 so PLEASE TAKE PART. This time around is going to be tougher because the weather means they can't even spend time in their garden.

Please also put your name and address so that they can write back to you if they want to which I am sure they will.

Unfortunately, a lot of them are not able to go out as they can not walk any distance, visitors are not permitted under the lockdown and as time goes on it is getting more difficult for them.

Thank you so much for putting a smile on someone face.

Address to: 

C/O Barbara Benfield 1 Butes Flats, Butes Road, Alderney GY9 3UN