Residents Set Their sights on Magnifying machines


AN appeal has been launched to help residents in Alderney's haven for its old folk who have a problems reading. 

An increasing number of residents in the Connaught Care home are suffering from progressive, age-related eye diseases and other difficulties with their sight, which is causing distress. 

In an attempt to make life easier, they have set out to see if they can raise enough money to buy several table-top magnifiers and have asked the Island to help. 

Eileen Mignot, a registered visitor to the care home at Le Val, explained: 'With our increasing older population, age-related eye problems are becoming more common and many of the residents are finding reading either difficult or impossible.'

'There is one lady who, with her handheld magnifying glass, struggles to read only one letter of a word at a time and has to laboriously build up the whole word.'

But there are table-top magnifiers which would help her and others; and the residents are aiming to raise sufficient funds for at least three: 'There is also a version which actually reads the text from the page and it would be wonderful to be able to buy that as well,' said Mrs Mignot. The machnes cost between £1,795 and £3,395.

Determined to achieve their aim, the intrepid seniors have already planned several fundraising events, including an art exhibition, sponsored walk and a calendar. 

nut Mrs Mignot said: 'There can only hope to raise a fraction of the total needed. They cannon hope to raise it all and so I appeal to everyone who enjoys reading to help those amongst us who are condemned to living the rest of their lives without the joy of engaging in the written word.'

She added: 'It would be great if we can achieve our goals before Christmas. That would mean that cards and letters could be read this year by those who until now have had to wait for someone to have the time to read aloud to them.

'This will not only maintain independence and privacy but also give great joy.'

Cheques should be made out to: THE CONNAUGHT with outside of the envelope marked: 'Magnifier Appeal'.

The address of the care home is Le Val, Alderney GY9 3UL.

Original Article is from Alderney Journal Issue: 1201